Day 19 – Teen Devotion: “Will God Forgive Me?”

The gospel frees us from all our past sins, but some Christians do not know how to be released from their past actions.

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Some sins can feel so significant that the gospel appears small in overcoming those transgressions. If your sin feels large to you, it’s time to come terms with the gospel.

When Jesus said from the cross that “It is finished,” He meant that there is nothing else for you to do to earn God’s favor. There is no need for and no possibility of any other person paying for your sin. It also means there is no sin outside of God’s ability to forgive.

I am a proud man, and I acutely understand how hard it is to own personal sin. There are many things I would rather do than tell the truth about myself. But I have learned–as an old man now–that if I am not honest with myself, there is a possibility that I will spin off into a distorted, self-deceptive existence. Without the grace of God and true biblical friendships, there would be no recovery.

If you are struggling with a past sin, here are three vital things for you to do.

  1. Tell the truth about what you did.
  2. Ask God to forgive you.
  3. Find a friend to talk about this process.

Time to Reflect

  • Is there a sin hanging over you like a dark cloud? Will you make a plan to do what I’ve asked you?
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