Day 17 – Teen Devotion: Five Teen Traps

Teen traps are everywhere. And there are many of them. Here is my short list of a few of the most common pitfalls that I have seen in teenagers.

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Fear: Though fear has many iterations, the most repeated manifestation is comparing yourself to others. The more insecure you are, the more desperate you will be, which can make your friend choices less than desirable.

Confusion: God can feel distant and mysterious, even inattentive to what is happening to you. Please understand that God is good, kind, and receptive, especially if you are suspicious or afraid of Him.

Experimentation: If there is an emptiness inside of you, there will be a temptation to go idol shopping, hoping to fill your discontentment with people or things. It can cause anger, which is born out of not getting what you want or not knowing what you want.

Discouragement: It is easy to “nit-pick” teenagers; it’s harder to encourage them. If you’re not in an encouraging context, the temptation will be strong to latch on to someone who shows an interest in you.

Despair: Some teens give up trying. From their perspective, they have exhausted all their options, so they begin shutting down. There is a loneliness that you can feel.

Time to Reflect

It is not wrong to reach out to someone for help. Your church should be a practical means of grace to help you. Who is the competent individual in your life who can help you through this time?

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