Day 14 – Teen Devotion: Where To Go From Here?

The grace of God is sufficient no matter what may be happening in your life. His grace is more significant than any of your challenges.

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To despair over your disappointments is not what God has called you to do. He wants you to trust Him no matter how formidable the enemy appears. Here are six tips that will aid you in appropriating God’s transforming grace into your life.

1 – Genetic, familial, or cultural influences do not have to bind you. What is the primary control that shapes your life?

2 – The foundation for change must be rooted in the gospel. A gospel starting point will give you a gospel ending point. Is the gospel your starting point?

3 – Never ask if you are worshiping. The question is always, “Who or what are you worshiping?” What is the primary object of your worship?

4 – The starting place for change is not external behavior, but your heart. What needs to change in your heart? How are your practices rooted in your heart?

5 – Transformation is not primarily about the parent or the teenager, but about God. Is it hard for you to obey God by faithfully submitting to your parents?

6 – The event of salvation is not the primary goal but the “new beginning” that places you on the path for a God-glorifying life. What is your evaluation of your progressive change into Christlikeness since He saved you?

Time to Reflect

  1. Choose one of the six tips and write a specific plan for ongoing change.
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