Program Elements

Primary Aspects of our Mastermind Program

Our program stands on a three-legged stool: theology, sanctification, and application. The theological aspect is the foundation of Christian living, while sanctification theory is the conceptual study of “common to humanity” issues and ideas. The application element brings theology and sanctification up to a practical level where any individual can experience transformation.

The student integrates the three disciplines—Theology, Sanctification, Application—throughout the course. There are reading, writing, listening, viewing, interactive, and practicum assignments so students can maximize the learning experience.

  1. Systematic Theology – Applying the entire theological corpus
  2. Theology – Application assignments on theological topics
  3. Counseling – Personal applications on sanctification topics
  4. Webinars – More than twenty webinars on a range of subjects
  5. Drive-By Marriage – Practically applying marriage topics
  6. Topics – Assorted topical issues, practically applied
  7. Case Studies – Real case studies for the student to solve
  8. Forums – Live practicum context for problem-solving
  9. Membership – Free access to the entire website
  10. Private Forums – Exclusive peer-to-peer interactions
  11. Supervision – Continuous coaching from multiple educators