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What’s the Big Deal with You: Get the Vaccine Already?

What's the Big Deal with You Get the Vaccine Already

The whole world is at war. It’s a war between good and evil—as always. Some of the skirmishes are between military combatants, but the purpose of this piece is not between those warriors in the traditional theaters. I’m addressing those other warriors—specifically, those who have… Continue Reading …

The Strategically and Sad Way a Great Nation Falls

The Bible teaches that those who forget God will not last (Job 8:13). Whether we’re talking about a nation or an individual, the truth is evident: it is God who sits on the circle of the earth, and all of the inhabitants are like grasshoppers… Continue Reading …

Assessing My Heart the Morning after an American Election

Assessing My Heart the Morning After an American Election

There are two large groups of people in America today. They are the winners and the losers. The happy and the sad. The glad and the mad. The hopeful and the fearful. Which one are you on this morning after an American presidential election? What… Continue Reading …

How Does Your Faith Govern Your Heart This Election Season?

How Does Your Faith Govern Your Heart This Election Season?

When recently doing a study on Moses, something grabbed my attention this time, and it wasn’t the usual question of how anyone can live off manna for so long. The first chapter of Exodus gives us a glimpse into the lives of a truly remarkable… Continue Reading …

Does It Really Matter Who Becomes Our Next President?

Does it really matter who becomes our next president_

What impact can the president of the United States have on our country? With so many moving political parts needed to make our country function well, can one person make that much difference? Is it possible that we have placed too much weight on the… Continue Reading …

Not Sure Who to Vote for This Year? Here’s the Perfect Candidate

Not Sure Who to Vote for This Year_ Here's the Perfect Candidate

In each election cycle, finding the best candidate can be a daunting and challenging task. To vote or not to vote is rarely the question, but who to vote for can be a problem. This year is no exception. The adage is true: what you… Continue Reading …

A Christian Perspective on the Presidential Election

A Christian Perspective On the Presidential Election

Perchance you have been living under a rock for the past few months, which has kept you out of the political loop, a presidential election is happening in the United States this coming November. Americans will go to the polls and cast ballots for the… Continue Reading …

Behind Your Mask Is the Real Battle: Who Owns the Truth?

Behind Your Mask Is the Real Battle_ Who Owns the Truth_

Whether it is masks, Covid-19 information, rioters/protestors, the character of presidential candidates, etc., people are positioning themselves based upon what they perceive to be true concerning these various issues. Still, most everyone is becoming unconformable and irritated at all the misinformation and confusion that abounds.… Continue Reading …

Two Degrees of Woke: the Innocent Idealist and Angry Activist

Two Degrees of Woke_ the Innocent Idealist and Angry Activist

One of the most hotly debated terms the last decade is the word woke. It means to be aware, as in, “I have woke up to [this cause].” Formerly, you were not aware; now, you are. Woke is most often used in the context of… Continue Reading …

How to Love a Woke Person Who Does Not Love You

How to Love a Woke Person Who Does Not Love You

2020 has brought about a new normal for most everyone globally, part of which is the amping-up of the “woke crowd” in America. These seemingly new voices have chosen various political, social, and even religious subjects to express to the world that they are now… Continue Reading …