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Are You Happy? Time for a Post-Christmas Follow Up

Are You Happy Time for a Post-Christmas Follow Up (1)

We express satisfaction about something based on how much we value it. The formula is “value creates satisfaction.” If we don’t value it, we won’t find satisfaction with it. For example, if you have received a long-anticipated or cherished gift, you responded with joy because… Continue Reading …

Is It Wrong to Show Emotion When Helping Someone?

Is It Wrong to Show Emotion When Helping Someone_

I was chatting recently with a Christian counselor who said that her mentors taught her that Christian counselors should not show emotion during a counseling session. She asked me what I thought about this kind of teaching. What do you think? It is okay to… Continue Reading …

How to Solve the Mystery to Enjoy the Abundant Life

How to Solve the Mystery and Enjoy an Abundant Life

To find joy and contentment—part of what it means to have an abundant life—you must understand the spiritual blessings you already possess and recognize how the “call to die” brings those things (Luke 9:23). We all want to live happy and exciting lives. We mentally… Continue Reading …

Do You Wanna Be Happy?

Show me a happy person. Are they generous? Probably. Show me a discontented person? Are they selfish? Probably. There is a circular Bible logic that goes like this: God loves happy givers, and if God loves on a giver, the giver is happy. Listen to… Continue Reading …

The Joy-Depleting Problem Of Being Reared In a Christian Home

We don’t like thinking about our awfulness because we resist the biblical declaration that we’re rotten to the core (Isaiah 64:6). A person with a high view of himself gets hung up on his fallenness. Ironically, it is the acceptance of your wickedness that releases… Continue Reading …

Leaving Despair and Entering Joyful Perseverance

The Christian life can be frustrating. We enjoy adoption into God’s family, but our struggle with the flesh creates an internal restlessness. Some people approach this contention with joyful perseverance, while others tailspin into despair. You may want to read: How to Leave Despair and… Continue Reading …