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The Danger Of Guilt, and the Need For Good Friends

Mable has struggled for many years with guilt. All of it is real, though much of it is not her fault. After twenty years of fighting, her guilt—true and false—is so convoluted that it is hard to sort it out. In one sense, it does… Continue Reading …

Here Are Rick’s Counseling Notes with a Counselee on Guilt and Fear

Here Are Rick's Counseling Notes On Guilt and Fear with a Counselee01

These are the actual counseling notes from a friend that I met with for counseling. She permitted me to share them, which I altered slightly and flattened out for public distribution. Counseling notes miss a lot of data. While they cover the breadth of one… Continue Reading …

Finding Your Voice To Be Who God Wants You To Be

Finding Your Voice to Be Who God Wants You to Be

We have a herd mentality that drives us to conformity. The temptation to conform to the status quo is alluring. Rare individuals want to stand out and take a stand that is counter to the group’s norms, drawing attention to themselves that might be criticized.… Continue Reading …

Ronda Rousey – a Need to Die Is a Lesson for All of Us

If you were to lose the most precious thing in your life, how would you respond? Perhaps you have lost something meaningful to you. If so, you’re well aware of the strength of your faith in your time of loss. I was thinking about these… Continue Reading …

These Five Words Are the Most Life-Altering You’ll Ever Believe

These Five Words Are the Most Life-Altering You'll Ever Believe

To believe in someone or something is part of what it means to be human, and there are many options from which to choose. When you think about all the things that you believe, what is the most vital one? What defines you above everything… Continue Reading …

Case Study: The Fearful Parent

Case Study_ The Fearful Parent

Biff is a Certified Nutritionist by day and a fearful parent by night. He discovered his children have a disease that suppresses their immune systems. Though his kids do not have any of the symptoms, Biff knows it’s incurable and possibly deadly. The bacteria that… Continue Reading …