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Abuse, Suffering, and Other Painful Disappointments

It takes grace, courage, faith, humility, patience, and a passion for wanting to grow in your walk with God. And though it’s a counterintuitive worldview, suffering is one of the primary means the Lord uses to mature us. Listen to the podcast You may want… Continue Reading …

A Cry For the Victims Of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse does not resonate with everyone who hears about it. The reason is that sexual violence is not generally on our radars. It’s similar to the abortion debate. Most people involved with the pro-life cause have a passion for it because they have had… Continue Reading …

Do You Make Your Spouse Pay For Her Sin?

When your spouse sins, who pays for it? Do you make her pay for what she did wrong or do you take her to Jesus and show her how His death is enough punishment to remove her transgressions? Listen to the podcast You may want… Continue Reading …

Case Study: The Sexually Abused

Case Study_ The Sexually Abused

Janet was first sexually abused by a relative when she was 9-years old. The sex crime continued for almost three years. She never told anyone until her 30th birthday, when she revealed to her husband what had happened. Before telling him, she had convinced herself… Continue Reading …

Twenty Questions When You’re Hurt By Your Church

We all say there are no perfect churches. It sounds good, and it is a true statement, but if your local church hurts you, what do you do? That’s when your cliche must be more than that; it must be a life transforming worldview. Listen… Continue Reading …

Four Shades to Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is hard to capsulize in a short weblog. There are scores of explanations and angles to this pandemic problem that crosses geographical borders and generational lines. In this article I will give only a few problems associated with domestic abuse, just to draw… Continue Reading …