Fall 2022: RickThomas.Net Becomes LifeOverCoffee.Com

Day 1 – Teen Devotion: Let’s Begin the Journey

Day 1 - Teen Devotion_ Let's Begin the Journey

As you start your 31-day journey, here are six things for you to consider. Pick out the one that is the most challenging and then make a plan to change. Listen to the podcast Read Rick’s 31-Day Devotions 31-Day Marriage Devotion 31-Day Parenting Devotion 31-Day… Continue Reading …

Day 2 – Teen Devotion: Life Is Not Fair

Day 2 - Teen Devotion_ Life Is Not Fair

One of the hardest things to accept is the unfairness of life. Occasionally you’ll hear, “It’s not fair” when someone is talking about a disappointing situation. We’re at day two of your 31-day teen devotion. Let’s talk about unfairness. Listen to the podcast Read Rick’s… Continue Reading …

Day 3 – Teen Devotion: Parents Aren’t Perfect

Day 3 - Teen Devotion_ Parents Aren't Perfect

Everybody knows that people aren’t perfect. We can agree quickly on this truth until the imperfections of others affect us. One of the most painful life lessons for me was getting over the shortcomings of my parents. Listen to the podcast Read Rick’s 31-Day Devotions… Continue Reading …

Day 4 – Teen Devotion: Forget About Self-Esteem

Day 4 – Teen Devotion_ Forget About Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is one of the most corrupted teachings in our culture. Though you should love yourself as a unique individual made in God’s image, to ask someone who does not know the Lord or has a weak relationship with God to esteem—think highly—themselves is a… Continue Reading …

Day 5 – Teen Devotion: Wait Until You Get a Boss

Day 5 – Teen Devotion_ Wait Until You Get a Boss

Not getting all you want is a precursor to the rest of your life. Perhaps you believe that not getting what you want is just a child thing. It’s not! But I have some fantastic news for you. If you learn how to respond to… Continue Reading …

Day 6 – Teen Devotion: Life Is Mundane

Day 6 – Teen Devotion_ Life Is Mundane

Your grandparents had a different word for mundane. They called it real life, which they saw as an opportunity, not a boring sentence. As odd as it may seem, you will find some of your greatest blessings hidden from the natural mind. The world is… Continue Reading …

Day 7 – Teen Devotional: Your Mistakes Are Yours

Day 7 – Teen Devotional_ Your Mistakes Are Yours

It’s hard to hear, but you know it’s true: if you mess up, it’s not your parents’ fault. Relax, adults also have a hard time with this idea. So, I won’t press the issue too much with you. But you must know it, especially if… Continue Reading …

Day 8 – Teen Devotion: Your Parents Were Not Always Boring


It can be humorous how we perceive our parents. What a child can’t know is what they were like before they brought him into the world. Here’s the truth: before you were born, your parents were not as boring as they are now. They only… Continue Reading …

Day 9 – Teen Devotion: Life Has Losers, and You May Be One

Day 9 – Teen Devotion_ Life Has Losers, And You May Be One001

Schools and sports may have done away with winners and losers, but life has not. After you enter the adult world, do not expect a participation award just for showing up. The real world does not function that way. The things that happen in the… Continue Reading …

Day 10 – Teen Devotion: You Don’t Get Time Off

Day 10 You Don't Get Time Off

School is one of the fun parts of life. I’m sure most students don’t have that perspective because they don’t have anything to compare it to their current experience. In school, you get lots of breaks, and at the end of the year, you get… Continue Reading …