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Case Study: The Troubled Teen

Case Study The Troubled Teen

When I asked her why she was coming to counseling, she said her teenage daughter was in rebellion. It was my next question that surprised her. I asked her about the state of her marriage. After refocusing, she said that they dishonor one another, do… Continue Reading …

Case Study: The Addict and His Wife

Case Study The Addict and His Wife

Biff has made repeated promises that he will never do drugs again. Each time, he fails, and his wife is growing impatient with his half-hearted promises to change. He has been an addict for the past twenty-three years. Biff is remorseful but not repentant. He’s… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Cheap Plates Help Overcome Anger

Case Study_ Cheap Plates Help to Overcome Anger

I was meeting with an angry man. He told me his last counselor said to buy cheap plates so when he felt anger rising inside, he could throw the inexpensive plates into the fireplace, which would help him work off steam. He said it was… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Unholy Trinity – Man, Ministry, Marriage

Case Study_ Unholy Trinity Man Ministry and Marriage

Biff loves the ministry. He enjoys it so much that his family is falling apart. He has been living a dual life for several years as he has secretly attempted to hold his family together while publicly telling others how to follow Christ. His approach… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Confession of an Imposter’s Wife

Case Study Confession of an Imposter's Wife

My husband’s lack of interest in our marriage has left me in a surreal search for self-worth through a myriad of surrogate husbands. These tack-on “husband replacements” are not working. I went to a Bible study and learned what it meant to be a Christian,… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Present But Not Accounted For

Case Study_ Present But Not Accounted For

The news of Biff and Mable’s daughter getting pregnant sent a shockwave of speculation through their local church. The pastors recommended marriage counseling, which you reluctantly agreed to do. After four weeks of intensive counseling, several things were becoming clear to you. Their 19-year marriage… Continue Reading …

Case Study: When Prayer Kills a Church

Case Study_ Details – When Prayer Kills a Church

Biff is an angry man. Sadly, his anger has led to many marriage problems. Mable told him two weeks ago that if he did not get help, she would leave. Biff admits that he is not a Christian and has shown little interest in Christian… Continue Reading …

Case Study: If I Tell the Truth, My Christian College Will Expel Me

Case Study_ If I Tell the Truth My Christian College Will Expel Me

Biff is in his junior year at a local Christian college. And he struggles with pornography and masturbation. When he was 12-years old, his best friend introduced him to those sins. Not understanding the addictiveness of porn and having no serious interest in girls, he… Continue Reading …

Case Study: The Darker Side of Mable, the Ministry Mom

Case Study_ The Darker Side of Mable the Ministry Mom

Mable is the “go-to” gal in her church. When someone is struggling, Mable is the one who gets the call. Mable’s husband is passive and preoccupied. Biff checked out a long time ago, settling to be the breadwinner. You can imagine the shock of Mable’s… Continue Reading …

Case Study: How Do I Honor My Older Parents?

Case Study How Do I Honor My Older Parents_

Mable and Biff have a beautiful relationship. They married each other seven years ago. She and Biff have two kids, five and two-years-old. Mable’s mom has been pressuring her to spend more time with her during the week. Her dad is passive, and the mom… Continue Reading …