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Case Study: When Prayer Kills a Church

Case Study_ Details – When Prayer Kills a Church
Biff is an angry man. Sadly, his anger has led to many marriage problems. Mable told him two weeks ago that if he did not get help, she would leave.

Biff admits that he is not a Christian and has shown little interest in Christian things. To do damage control, last Sunday was the first time in over 11 years that Biff went with Mable to church. Mable’s church is a solid, God-loving, conservative group. The relationships are robust, authentic, and their affection for Christ is apparent.

According to Biff, the worship time was awful. Many of the folks unashamedly lifted their hands in praise to God. Just before the preaching time, the pastor asked the people to gather in small groups for prayer. Though he mentioned that it was not mandatory for everyone to pray, it was all Biff could do to stay in the building.

He was doubly embarrassed when his time came to pray in front of total strangers. He sat there dumbfounded, self-conscious, and angry. He knew that all the folks in his group were judging him.

Case Study Questions

  1. Should the church people seek to be who they are unashamedly or should they be more attentive to the seeker’s expectations? Explain your answer.
  2. The pastor asked Mable about Biff’s response to the church meeting. What would you tell him if you were Mable?
  3. What are the pros to the seeker-sensitive movement?
  4. What are the cons to the seeker-sensitive movement?

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