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Case Study: Unholy Trinity – Man, Ministry, Marriage

Case Study_ Unholy Trinity Man Ministry and Marriage
Biff loves the ministry. He enjoys it so much that his family is falling apart. He has been living a dual life for several years as he has secretly attempted to hold his family together while publicly telling others how to follow Christ.
His approach to ministry and family has been losing steam, and now he and his wife are in counseling because she is dissatisfied with their marriage and disappointed in him.

Biff knew he was using the ministry for selfish purposes, but he kept himself so busy that he muted his conscience. It was sanitized sinning, to the point that he could not see the depth of his problems.

His hardened conscience and insatiable dissatisfaction opened the door to a sinful lifestyle. He could engage sin privately and serve Jesus publicly. Sin was a “safe escape,” which is how he had rationalized it. Biff is in a deep hole, and the only way he would be willing to come out of it was if he knew he would not lose his ministry.

The church leadership is unaware of these problems, and the congregation sees Biff as a Christlike example worth emulating. This charade only fuels the fire of his wife’s anger. As their children grow up, they are becoming less impressed with the church.

Case Study Questions

  1. How would you communicate hope to Biff’s wife?
  2. What is Biff’s core problem, and why do you think so?
  3. What is your detailed plan to help Biff change?

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