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Case Study: The Fearful Parent

Case Study_ The Fearful Parent
Biff is a Certified Nutritionist by day and a fearful parent by night. He discovered his children have a disease that suppresses their immune systems. Though his kids do not have any of the symptoms, Biff knows it’s incurable and possibly deadly.

The bacteria that have invaded the children’s bodies feed on refined sugar, so he avoids this. The kids are tempted to eat all the wrong foods, which can have a detrimental effect on their bodies.

Biff has been avoiding social events to keep the kids from eating the wrong foods, though at times he lets them eat what is not good for them. He struggles with guilt and fear when he is not guarding their diet rigidly.

Biff and Mable are hands-on parents. They understand the sovereignty of God but sometimes struggle with this teaching, particularly as it pertains to their role with their kid’s problems. Biff and Mable come to you for counseling. They want a thorough understanding of how to parent their children biblically.

Case Study Questions

  1. Biff wants to know if he should violate his conscience and feed his kids any sugar because God is sovereign and is in control of all things. How would you counsel him?
  2. How would you walk Biff through the fear issues regarding his unwillingness to attend social functions where his kids can eat the wrong foods?
  3. What do you think is Biff’s core issue? What main thing would you want to help Biff to see?

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