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Case Study: The Aspiring Counselor Wannabe

RMlogo Case Study_ The Aspiring Counselor Wannabe

Biff is 42 years old. He has been working on the production line at the local tire manufacturing facility for the past 18 years. He’s an excellent employee and is well liked by his peers. He is someone you can always rely on if you want something done. Biff became a Christian 7-years ago, and his “fire for God” has never abated since that time.

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In recent months, he has been stirred more and more about going into full-time Christian ministry, specifically as a biblical counselor, which has been a growing burden. His church believes that every Christian is a “counselor,” which is refreshing to Biff. He wants to help others grow in their relationships with Christ.

Biff and Mable got married 17 years ago. They have three boys, Tim, 15; Carl, 11 and Bryce, 7. Their marriage is in a good place though Christianity is new to both of them. They came from dysfunctional families and are just learning, over the past seven years, what it means to follow Christ.

Biff comes to you regarding his burden. He asks you directly, “I want to be a Christian counselor. Where shall I begin?”

Case Study Questions

  1. List five positive things you would like to say to Biff.
  2. What are at least five concerns you would have for Biff?
  3. Write five steps, options, plans or ideas that you would like for Biff to consider. (They do not have to relate to each other.)
  4. What other thoughts would you want to convey to Biff, good or bad?

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