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Case Study: The Addict and His Wife

Case Study The Addict and His Wife
Biff has made repeated promises that he will never do drugs again. Each time, he fails, and his wife is growing impatient with his half-hearted promises to change. He has been an addict for the past twenty-three years.
Biff is remorseful but not repentant. He’s more worried about losing Mable than doing what is necessary to change his life. Mable is tired and wants out of the marriage. He has been to rehab for six months but fell immediately into his old sin patterns after coming home.

He is seeing you for counseling and wants help in restoring his family. He’d like for you to meet with Mable to see if you can talk her out of leaving the marriage. He does admit that he has a drug problem and wants to quit it, but says that he does not know how.

You begin taking Biff back to the gospel, but he is perplexed about what you’re saying. He says he believes the gospel, but is not sure exactly where you’re coming from when you say that his core problem is rooted in his lack of understanding and application of the gospel in his sanctification.

Case Study Questions

  1. Does Mable have grounds for divorce? Explain your answer.
  2. Do you believe Biff is a believer? Explain your answer.
  3. How could a right understanding and practice of the gospel transform Biff’s life?
  4. Write out a practical and detailed plan for helping Biff overcome his addiction.

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