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Case Study: Mable Marries the Divorced Guy

Case Study_ Mable Married the Divorced Guy
Mable met Biff five years after Biff was divorced. Mable is 25-years old, a solid Christian from a strong Christian family, and she is active in a gospel-centered church.

Biff is 29-years old. He has been a Christian for 15 years, though he has not always lived for God during those years. He married Marge when he was 19. They had one child, and though Biff and Marge were Christians, they never seemed to get their marriage on the right track.

Biff left Marge and eventually divorced her, though there were no biblical grounds for divorce. That was three years ago. Marge then met Mel and decided to marry him two years ago.

Biff met Mable last year, and they hit it off immediately. Mable is well-aware of Biff’s previous marriage to Marge but says that Biff has repented of his sin and has been walking in integrity and humility during the time that she has known him.

The church family has affirmed Biff’s Christian character, and it appears he has straightened out his life and is heading in the right direction. Biff and Mable come to you for premarital counseling. They are asking you specific questions about marrying each other, his divorce, and your position on remarriage.

Case Study Questions

  1. Give your position on Biff marrying Mable?
  2. Write a practical plan to walk Biff and Mable through your counseling recommendations. Make as many points as necessary to articulate the various issues you want to cover with them.

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