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Case Study: I Want Out Of This Marriage!

Case Study_ I Want Out of This Marriage
Mable called a Christian counselor because she was in a horrible marriage. At her first session, she did not hide how she felt about her husband. (He was not there.) It became apparent that Mable had one agenda: “I want out!”

When she elaborated, she said that her marriage was not fulfilling. After seven years of living together, things had changed negatively from when they first met.

After a few counseling sessions, it seemed things were taking a positive turn. Mable began to apply God’s Word to her life, and her perspective about her circumstances appeared to be changing. But there was one nagging issue that the counselor could not seem to broach. Mable still was not reconciled to her husband.

She did get her divorce, found a job, and from an outsider’s perspective, it seemed she had pulled her life out of the ditch. She felt relief and the “honeymoon” of her new lifestyle was what she wanted.

Unfortunately, time passed, and the old feelings of emptiness and discontentment resurfaced. After a couple of years, Mable called her counselor again and voiced similar patterns of discontentment and dissatisfaction about her life. What she had envisioned seemed to be just as empty as the life she left.

Case Study Questions

  1. Where would you begin with Mable? What questions would you ask?
  2. What do you think Mable is interpreting as her needs? Why do you believe this?
  3. What Scriptures would you use to help Mable see her real problem?

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