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Case Study: I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life

RMlogo Case Study_ I Don't Know What To Do With My Life

Biff has had seven jobs in five years. He is 24-years old and currently unemployed. Every six months he seems to be doing something new. It has been exhausting trying to keep up with his next idea, big plan or get-rich-quick scheme. Biff is also exhausted too, though he doesn’t admit this. You see the weariness in his demeanor. He’s coming to you for help.

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You note that he is a passionate starter, but is undisciplined in executing his plans. Details are not his thing; he’s a big picture, dreamer, guy. From a surface perspective, it seems that nearly everyone likes  him, but he is steadily building a reputation as someone who is not dependable.

As you begin chatting with him, you notice that he not only has a growing list of former jobs, but his friend list is changing too. People come and go out of his life as his older friends distance themselves from him. He is known by many, but no one knows the real Biff.

He is in debt and overweight. He’s also easily discouraged and very difficult to motivate. He has been to four counselors before coming to you. His primary reason for seeing you is to figure out what to do with his life.

Case Study Questions

  1. What else would you like to know about Biff? Where would you start?
  2. What behavioral homework assignments would you give him?
  3. Name three possible “heart idols” and why would you say that?

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