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Case Study: Counseling the Un-counsel-able

Case Study_ Details – Counseling the Un-Counsel-able
Mable comes to you for counseling. She is open, honest, transparent, and seems to be genuinely seeking help for a change. After the first two hours, it is apparent Mable has left no stone uncovered. She has told you everything.

Your heart goes out to her. You not only “feel her pain” but you feel the liberty to speak truth into her life. She respectfully receives your correction. You have faith for the process of change in her life, and there is hope that there will be transformation.

Your next meeting comes, but Mable seems unchanged. She re-enters into the same, lengthy litany of troubles. The next three weeks are more of the same. You now realize you have a complainer on your hands. Her idolatry issue is her suffering. It’s evident that she worships her pain and the attention she garners from telling her story.

You anticipate future sessions with her with dread, apathy, and growing anger toward Mable. You replaced your hope in God with cynicism toward her. You sense your compassion eroding by frustration, and your patience is morphing into a desire to confront her.

You don’t want to be around her anymore, but she won’t go away. She loves talking about herself too much.

Case Study Questions

  1. What could be going on in the heart of the counselor?
  2. How would you counsel the counselor about the lack of compassion for Mable?
  3. How would you practically walk the counselor through this sin problem?

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