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The Counselor’s Toolbox

The Counselor's Toolbox

Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the Word of Truth (2 Timothy 2:15).

The doctrine of the perseverance of the saints is to the effect that they whom God has regenerated and effectually called to a state of grace, can neither totally nor finally fall away from that state, but shall certainly persevere therein to the end and be eternally saved. – Berkoff

Our perseverance is dependent upon God. Man’s eternal redemption is because of God’s perseverance. Out of a lack of understanding, some object to this doctrine. One such objection is that the doctrine of perseverance leads to idleness and immorality. Some simplistically interpret it as, “Oh yeah, once saved always saved. I can get saved and live like the devil.”

This notion is mistaken. Although the Bible tells us that the grace of God keeps us, it does not encourage the idea that God saves us without constant watchfulness, diligence, and prayer on our part. It is hard to see how a doctrine, which assures the believer of perseverance in holiness, can be an incentive for sin. It would seem that the certainty of success in the active striving for sanctification would be the best possible stimulus to ever-greater exertion.

Be sure to read our Philosophy for Doing Homework document. It makes a strong case for appealing to those you serve to learn the discipline of practicing the Word of God devotionally before the Lord.


50 Fruits of Pride
Confession of a Thoughtful Worrier
Depression Symptoms Questionnaire
Interview Questions for Kids
Leadership Assessment Tool
Lying Lips Scripture Study
Personal History Form
Recovery Addiction Assessment
Spiritual Friendship Evaluation
Spiritual Maturity Evaluation
Twenty Questions to Help Care for Others
X-Ray Questions


Anger Replacement Grid
Finding God’s Wisdom
Identifying and Resolving Strongholds
Moral Failure Assessment
One Another
Personality Inventory Chart
Put Off – Put On Chart
Sexual Purity Diagram
Symptom Intensity Timeline


Conflict Analysis Form
Counseling Packet Form
Family of Origin Form
Marriage Questionnaire Form
Pre-Marriage Packet Form
Sentence Completion Form


Anger Assignment
Compounded Anxiety Homework Assignment
Derailing the Worry Train
Gospel for Real Life Assignment
Heart Journal: Thinking Right Thoughts
Homework Format Form
Hope from God’s Word Assignment
How to Mortify Pride
Learning to Forgive Like God
Marriage Enrichment in Six Weeks
Masturbation – Pornography Homework Assignment
Names of Jesus Devotional
Pornography Accountability Questionnaire
Pride Workshop Homework Assignment
Questions Regarding a Cross-Centered Life
Repentance Workshop Homework Assignment
Sensual Lust Workshop
Six Week Marriage Enrichment Project
Solution Tip: Ten Questions for Friends
Solution Tip: Enjoying Fellowship with Others
Solution Tip: Organizing Your Thoughts
Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health
Ten Tests of Genuine Faith
Thought Log List
Ways a Husband Can Love His Wife


Communication Checklist
Complaining Evaluation
Conflict Resolutions Guidelines
Fruitful Vine Inventory
Modesty Checklist
Negative Traits Inventory
Personal Inventory
Questions for the Despondent
Rate Your Marriage
Scorecard for Husbands
Scorecard for Wives


Counseling Procedures
Wedding Policies


Introduction to Biblical Counseling Notes
Introduction to Biblical Counseling Handout
Lamentations Sampler
Philosophy for Doing Homework
Steps to Moral Freedom
The Angry Heart Pamphlet
The Idolatrous Heart Pamphlet
The Prideful Heart Pamphlet
The Self-Injury Heart Pamphlet
The Victim’s Heart Pamphlet
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