Training Help

Our training options are varied and suitable for any Christian. We are a training organization dedicated to motivate and equip Christians by giving them the tools they need to mature in Christ, while being able to help other Christians to do the same. Below are some of the opportunities you can enjoy through our resources.

Non-Member Level

  • Affiliate Resources - It has been a joy to partner with trusted friends who provide fantastic resources to the world. By accessing these partners through our Affiliate page, we receive a modest financial return.
  • Book Reviews - Amy Timco is our world-class reviewer. With scores of books to choose from, Amy is regularly adding more books to our site to serve you.
  • Counseling – Consulting – Coaching - Rick has a trained team ready to meet you locally or out-of-region. If you live locally or have access to the Internet or a telephone we can provide help for you.
  • Daily Articles - We blog five days a week. This free subscription service can come to your inbox Monday through Friday.
  • YouTube - Many of our longer webinars have been placed on our YouTube Channel in a shorter 10-minute format.

Member Level

  • Article Archive - Our entire article library is available to our Members. Well over 1000 articles on over 200 topics is easily accessed.
  • Forum - Though we do not provide counseling on our Forum, you can ask any question to our community and receive prompt and biblical feedback to your queries.
  • Training Tools - Rick has dedicated his life to providing helpful tools for Christians to use in their sanctification as well as their ongoing training of others.
  • Webinars - These “seminars” can be accessed wherever you have adequate Internet. You can bring Rick’s training to your computer.

Training Level

  • Distance Education Training - Our 2 year, self-paced study course is the perfect solution for any Christian who wants to go deeper in the art of discipleship. This is an intense training program where Rick comes alongside you to train you.


Membership Options

We offer individual and group levels with recurring billing to fit your lifestyle.

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    Have you tried dating again Rick since your wife left? Not very many books for older Christians dating again.

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