NL A quick and easy way to disqualify yourself as a parent

A quick and easy way to disqualify yourself as a parent

In some ways Tab is your normal 8-year old. He laughs. He plays. He cries. And he gets into trouble.

These are some of the things that kids do.

Unfortunately, the “gets in trouble” part has only increased through the years for Tab.

Rather than the normal process of walking a kid through his various sin patterns, Tab’s sin patterns have only escalated and become more complicated with increasing age.

His parents, from all appearances, love God and are faithful to their local church.

They attend their corporate...

NL Ten tips to kill your marriage

Ten tips to kill your marriage

We love winners.

  • Go! Fight! Win!
  • Winners never lose, and losers never win.
  • We play the game to win the game.
  • I’ve noticed from nearly two decades of counseling that many Christians have taken up a winner’s ideology, and they have incorporated a winning at all costs approach into their marriages.

    It got to thinking that since winning is such a strong desire within these marriages that it would probably be helpful to have a game plan for hearty competition. I mean, who wants to lose? God loves winners, and you don’t want to...

    NL Does your marriage look like this

    Does your marriage look like this?

    Bill is in his seventies now. He is sitting in his rocking chair in his living room. The fire in the fireplace is quietly burning. It is winter. The room is perfectly warm, though he is resting with a blanket draped over his lap, a blanket his wife made for him.

    He is looking through a big glass window that provides an amazing view of their backyard. A couple of birds are hopping from barren limb to barren limb.

    There is snow on the ground.

    Mary is in the kitchen. Without asking, she enters the living room where Bill is sitting. Read

    NL Working through the pain of loss

    Working through the pain of loss

    Member Question – I recently had to leave an environment in which I did not want to leave, but for reasons that were outside of everyone’s control, the decision was made and the right thing to do was for me to leave.

    However, what I left was a lot of friends I loved and a context in which I was thriving. Now, I’m struggling as I relocate to another area that is outside my comfort...

    NL No mom on Mother's Day- Death, dying, and a few thoughts after life

    No Mom on Mother’s Day: Death, dying, and a few thoughts after life

    (This article was first published on June 21, 2013, the day after my mom passed away.)

    My mother died last night at 9:22 PM ET. Because of the divine mercy of God and His kind providence, I was at her bedside as she exited this life.

    My brother emailed me a week ago to let me know things were turning for the worse. We cleared our calendar, planning to spend this week with her. She lives 135 miles away in North Carolina. My hometown.

    Day One

    We arrived Wednesday evening and settled in, while curious about the LORD’s...

    50 things I want my daughter to know NL

    50 things I want my daughter to know

    My Dearest Darling Daughter,

    You’re growing up so fast. It seems as though it was only a short time ago when I was carrying you on my back. That ship has sailed. You’re a young lady now, and getting prettier by the day.

    It won’t be long before your time will come to leave our home and make a life that is uniquely your own–the one the LORD is writing for you.

    Just thinking about that day makes me sad, but it also excites me. I’ve had a front row seat in your story, and it has been a blast to Read

    What to do when your spouse wants out NL

    What to do when your spouse wants out

    I’ll never forget that day.

    I had been out-of-town for about a week and I couldn’t wait to be home to see my wife and 2-year-old daughter.

    Things had been rough in our marriage, but while I was out-of-town I felt like my love for her was renewed. I was going to be different when I got home: more patient, more gentle, less angry. Our marriage was going to be different.

    My excitement to share my fresh start with Star quickly turned to confusion as I pulled into the driveway to her standing outside, holding hands with our innocent,...

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