Small Group Life Training

Envisioning – Equipping – Experiencing

Welcome to our Small Group Leader Training and Development page.

This page is dedicated to any Christian who wants to learn how to build and participate in God-honoring, sanctification-building small groups.

On this page you will find many helpful resources to assist you in building and sustaining a small group that can change lives.

Your people will be envisioned and equipped so they can experience comprehensive sanctification in small group contexts.

Your Training Notes

Rick has developed teaching notes for you. They are in full-color and ready to print and distribute for your small group leaders for training. You are encouraged to print these off and give to your leaders. Also be sure to share these notes with other friends and ministry partners.

Click Envision-Equip-Experience, hit the printer, and pass out to your team members.

Your Training Manual

In addition to the teaching notes, Rick has also developed a 100-page, 27,000 word PDF eBook on how to build dynamic small groups.

This book will walk you through the essential key elements to small group life. We encourage you to use it for training your leaders as well as for walking your group through expectations and roles for small group life.

This book is an excellent envisioning tool and it is our free gift to you. We encourage you to share it with your small group leaders and group participants. We also recommend that you share it broadly in the body of Christ.

Let your friends know about this practical study. Place this link to this site on your website, Facebook, and other media outlets. You can download this FREE eBook by clicking the blue cover jacket.

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