Mark Grant

Mark Grant 300x300 NSMark grew up in Columbus Ohio, and was determined to live a great life. When he was 24, he thought he had all the pieces in place: a Master’s degree in engineering, a pretty wife, and a job working on rocket engines in Los Angeles, California.

However, within a year, his plan started to unravel. His marriage was failing. God used this brokenness to help them see them their need for a Savior, and mercifully restored their marriage.

This experience gave Mark a desire to help hurting individuals and couples. He was exposed to biblical counseling from attending ACBC conferences, and ultimately found Rick Thomas’s website and his Distance Education (DE), Master Mind program.

Thanks to Rick’s mentoring through the DE program, Mark now provides long distance counseling as well as counseling for his local church as a lay counselor. He is always curious and continually amazed how the Gospel is so relevant to all of our trials and blessings of life. His articles are a result of this passion.

Mark currently lives outside Philadelphia with his wife Lesa and teenage daughter. During the day, Mark works for the Navy as a civilian engineer.

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