Mid-Life Crisis – a story of redemption

Paul lay on the hotel bed wondering where it all went wrong. His brain was quickly replaying the highlights and decisions of his life quicker than he was changing channels on the remote.[1]

The crisis revealed

Nancy his wife of 25 years had just kicked him out of the house. She found out about the adultery he committed with a work associate while on a business trip. He had known Sally for a couple of years. She worked at the corporate headquarters in Dallas.

They spoke frequently by phone and had developed a friendship. Paul liked how playful Sally was – always joking and living life to the fullest, so it seemed.

During a sales conference, Paul found himself alone with Sally during happy hour. Paul couldn’t (did not want to) resist Sally’s charm and beauty and he ended up having sex with her one evening.

His conscience bugged him some, but he loved his sin. He felt more alive than he had felt in years. He figured it was the perfect set-up. She lived 1000 miles away; she didn’t want a serious relationship and he thought he could hide it from his wife.

He started to have a whole new view of those boring quarterly sales conferences in Dallas. It wasn’t as quick and easy as porn, but it was a lot more fun.

At home, his wife Nancy was busy raising their three daughters; helping out at the church and dealing with changes in life that come to all women nearing fifty years old. She was going through menopause.

Despite being surrounded with her daughters all the time, neighbors, and friends from church, she felt alone and somewhat depressed. Paul and she had grown apart. Her beauty was fading.

She saw her own parent’s health decline and felt like her body was fighting her. She was a pretty strong Christian, but her growth was distracted and partially limited due to the lack of spiritual leadership from her husband.

Paul would attend church and profess Christ, but seemed to keep church at a distance. He wasn’t the best husband, but he did provide for the kids, didn’t drink excessively, and seemed to care about them.

He came across more as a lost soul as far as being a leader in the home. But Nancy didn’t realize how lost he was until she got a phone call from the hotel

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  1. [1] This article was submitted by one of my Distance Education students–Mark Grant.
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