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Join our site promotional posterRick Thomas has a unique voice in the global community. A voice that has been shaped by two distinct influences: uncommon tragedy and unmerited favor.

This website was born out of a broken heart that was restored and redeemed for God’s fame. Read his bio.

Why Should I Join?

Because you’ll get access to a treasure trove of content that is growing every day

  • Thousands of articles and other materials developed from a Gospel-centered perspective.
  • Live and archived webinars on all things pertaining to life and godliness.
  • Real-time coaching from Rick and his team regarding your most important questions.

Because you can be part of a caring community of Christlike disciple-makers

  • You will grow exponentially in your ability to care for yourself.
  • You will be able to bring more effective care to others.
  • You will bring joy to your local church as you become more skilled in soul care.

Download to view slide show of what is yours as a Member.

Membership Levels

If you are interested in ongoing coaching and training please click one of the links below. We offer individual and group levels with recurring billing to fit your lifestyle. Come and join our team.

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Other Ways to Join

Don’t want to join online? No problem. Call 864.905.3663 and we can help you register over the phone.

Group Memberships

Do you have a “church rate” for churches who would like to get more of their members involved on your site?

Though we do not have a church rate, we do have a church or ministry plan.

  • 1 to 10 Members, the church/ministry would pay $50.00 per month.
  • 11 to 20 Members is $100.00 per month and so forth.

The benefit to the Member and the Ministry

  • The Membership fee would be free on the Member’s end. They could participate and enjoy the full website at NO COST to them!
  • The church would pay for their Memberships, which would be a small investment for the amount of training and community the individuals would receive.
  • We would do the work of providing materials, forum feedback, webinars and other great resources, which allows the ministry to provide a professional discipleship trainer to its people.
How would it work

Once the Church or Ministry subscribes to the Group Membership Package, we will give the “originator” or point person for the church or ministry 10 Usernames with Passwords. We would register them with specific usernames, e.g. First Baptist Church would be FBC001, FBC002, FBC003, etc. The church or ministry would be identified and the number of memberships given.

The Member would use their special username and password. The username cannot be changed, but they are free to change the password according to their preferences. They would have all the benefits of a single member, with the only difference being who is paying for their membership.

If you think this could serve your church, please pass this email along to your leadership.

About Donations

We also accept donations to our ministry if you’d like to give something.

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