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Our mission is to help people by providing practical tools and ongoing training for more effective living.

Checkout our Introduction Kit that explains how to best benefit from our ministry.

Our community is a gathering of people from all over the world who are seeking to live more productive and inspiring lives. We all have situational and relational challenges that could benefit from having other people bringing insight and care. Caring for others is what this community does best.

Why Should I Join?

Because you’ll get access to a gold mine of discipleship/counseling content

  • A stocked library of articles written from a God-centered, other-centered perspective.
  • Live and archived webinars.
  • Training presentations, videos, info-graphics, mind maps, best practices and more.

Because you’ll get a chance to tap into the Biblical counseling community

  • Membership-only forum for questions and answers about life and relationships.
  • Opportunities to ask Rick and his team key questions that are important to you.
  • You’ll have a 24/7 all-access “life coach” for personal development and training of others.

Membership Levels

The icons below are our traditional rates. We offer individual and group levels with recurring billing to fit your lifestyle.

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Other Ways to Join

Don’t want to join online? No problem. Call 864.905.3663 and we can help you register over the phone.

About Donations

We also accept donations to our ministry if you’d like to give something.

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