If Hitler gave you flowers would you accept them?

The year is 1943.

FTD (Florists’ Transworld Delivery) arrives at your door.

You watch the FTD man walk down the drive with a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

You wait.

He ascends the steps and knocks on the door.

You open the door.

He hands you a bouquet of flowers with a small envelope.

You sign for them and close the door.

The FTD man goes his way and you sit at a kitchen bar stool to admire the fresh flowers and to open the little envelope.

You read the card inside and your mouth drops.

It says, “Love, Adolf Hitler.”

The story is obviously fictional, but it does cause one to ponder.

The thought about receiving flowers from Hitler was a throwaway comment that Todd Friel made in his CD series with R. W. Glenn called Drive By Theology. It struck a chord with me and I wanted to do some reflection on the comment, hence this article.

What would you think if you received flowers from Adolf Hitler? What would you think if you received flowers from Charles Manson? How about if you fill in the blank: what would you think if you received flowers from the worst person you knew?

I suspect you would reject the flowers because the person who sent them would be a vile person. You would not accept flowers from a person so wicked, so undeserving, and so bad. Why would you? The answer is self-evident. It would be weird and unnatural to accept them.

Suppose you put them on your mantel. As your friends come to see you in your home and observe your beautiful flowers, they ask, “Wow! Nice! Who are the flowers from?” You say, “They are from Adolf Hitler.”

They would be aghast and mortified. Surely one of your friends would say, “Are you kidding me? Why would you accept flowers from such an awful person? No one in their right mind would accept flowers from such a menace. Have you lost your mind?”

That would be a reasonable response. You only accept flowers from people who are worthy to love you. He is not worthy of your love. Isn’t that so true? I mean, if you receive a card, a flower, or a note from someone, you accept it because you respect the sender. They are worthy of your respect.

The unworthy flower-sender

How about if I reframe this discussion for you. I can do that by making two small changes. The you in the story

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