Generational Curses – Are you cursed?

One of our Members asked the generational curse question.[1] This question is not asked as often as it is stated, especially in a counseling context.

I’ve heard it many times in counseling, where a person talks about how they are under some sort of curse. Here is a real counseling situation where a girl believed she was part of a generational curse.[2]

Roxanne could not stop gushing about how happy she was. God was good and she was living in sustained happiness. Her prayer life was rich. Her bible reading was alive. And her ministry opportunities were plenteous.

The more she talked, the more I wondered why she was seeing me for counseling. She talked without interruption for 30 minutes about the goodness, bigness, and kindness of God. I was a bit perplexed. It appeared she would be the first counselee to ever come to me because she was too happy.

At some point during her joy-filled monologue, she inserted that she was also on medication. It was a passing comment with no elaboration. She continued to talk for another 30 minutes, and her statement about medications was lost in all her joy-filled blather.

After she left, my counselor-in-training asked me if I heard her say she was on meds. I said that I had, but it got lost in her happy-talk-wind-machine. We both agreed it would be good to bring her back for another appointment and ask her about the medications.

The next week she came in, and I popped the question. I asked the following: “Last week you said you were on medications. Can you tell me more about that?” That was it. That was all I asked.

What followed was stunning. Without hesitating, she began crying and yelling. It was the exact opposite of the emotion she had shown the week before. She cried, elevated her voice, and accused me of insensitivity for fifteen minutes.

It’s my destiny

She interpreted my question as an attempt to take her medications away from her–this was not tenable in her thinking. She said her grandmother and mother were on the same medications. She believed in generational curses.

Though there was no objective evidence to support her claim, she believed this was God’s will for her life and I

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  1. [1] Due to the amount of questions asked each day, I can only respond to our Member questions.
  2. [2] I’ve changed the name and altered some of the facts to flatten the story out.
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