Distance Education Training

Looking for a customized, self-paced, mentorship to grow as a Christian discipler?

Try our Christian discipleship/counseling course. If you pursue the supervised track, Rick will be your personal trainer throughout the course, walking you through each step, while providing detailed equipping and on-going feedback. Most people complete the course within 18 to 24 months; however, there is some flexibility available.

Supervised Track

Non-Supervised Track

  • Systematic Theology training
  • 9 theology books
  • 15 Counseling books
  • 24 Live, Interactive Webinars
  • 33 Drive By Marriage lessons and workbook
  • 48 Counseling Articles
  • 48 Case Studies
  • No additional fee to be Member of the site
  • Mentorship program with Rick 
  • Systematic Theology training
  • 9 theology books
  • 15 Counseling books
  • 24 Live, Interactive Webinars
  • 33 Drive By Marriage lessons and workbook
  • 48 Counseling Articles
  • 48 Case Studies
  • Normal fee to be a Member of the site
  • Self-accountability and completion
Cost: $500 for course + $100/month for mentorship Cost: $500 for course

Why should you take this training?

Because this program is. . .

Relationally Oriented

One of the goals of our program is to help the student to make personal application to his/her life. With authentic understanding and practice the student will be able to care for others by: (1) modeling the Christ life and (2) by giving wise, scriptural guidance so others can live the life of Christ.

Local Church Priority

Because we believe every Christian is a discipler and the best place, outside of our homes, for sanctification to take place is the local church, our aim is to train the student to do soul care so he/she can help restore Christian discipleship to the local church.

Gospel Centered

We believe the Gospel speaks to all of life, but many Christians are unaware how to connect the Gospel to their day-to-day lives. Our aim is to serve the body of Christ by helping our students see and make those Gospel connections.

Informational downloads

This is a well-thought out and well-developed program. We appeal to you to pursue the supervised track in order to get the most out of your program. It is an intense program in itself, but it will not be able to unpack, critique, and mentor you.

However, if you choose the supervised track, you will be studied, discerned, and taught according to who you are rather than who someone else is. We do not do “cookie cutter” supervision. We do not provide “canned” answers.

You are a real and distinct person, loved by the Father, saved by the Son, empowered by Spirit and guided by Their Word. Our goal is to come alongside what They are doing in your life to help you maximize Their good work in your life in real and practical ways.

Rick Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the $500 paid at one time and up front?

Yes, it is. You must pay the entire $500 before you receive the coursework. You are buying a product. This is a one-time payment for the entire program. Also, any future updates to the program will be sent to you as they are updated at no additional costs. You will never have to pay more to purchase the program.

When can I begin?

You can begin at any time. It is self-paced so you pick your start time. Each student comes in individually. Though there are several other students in the program, each student is treated as though he/she is the only student. There is no season or semester.

Can I take a break and/or stop at any time?

If you ever need to stop, you can do that. Our program is an “integrity program” in that we’re all Christians, so we trust each other. If a person gets sick or needs to take a break for any reason or just does not want to do the program anymore, they can stop and there are no penalties. Again, we are a Christian organization. It is our joy and desire to serve, not to create unnecessary hurdles for the student.

Can I stop the $100 recurring billing for the supervised track?

The supervised part of the program is $100 per month for the duration of the program, unless a person stops, as outlined above. If you do stop the program or take a break, you must notify us to let us know you want to stop the recurring billing. We will do that immediately. Anything you have paid is not refundable.

What are the fees for the non-supervised track and would you recommend this track?

The $500 is to buy the program and that is a one time, up front payment, regardless of the track you take. If you do the non-supervised track, there are no other fees other than the initial $500, but please understand the supervision is the best part of the program, not because I do ALL the supervision, as though I am somebody, but because it’s essential to have a coach or mentor through any program.

Doing any apprenticeship program is not a good idea if you want to learn how to do the skill or discipline. We will sell the program as is and without any additional training. If you only purchase the program, then we recommend you find a seasoned counselor-trainer you trust who is willing to come alongside you to read, review, reflect, and respond to all your work.

It is our opinion a person should not invest in this program and not try to be transformed by it. You will not be transformed by it and you will not be able to competently help others if you’re not competently trained. The program, as material, will not be able to accomplish this kind of transformation of yourself and exportability to others.

Are there any refunds?


Does being certified mean anything?

Not really. Being certified can be over-bloated in the Christian community. It will not give you a special inroad into our culture. The main thing that will bring people to you for counseling is your ability to counsel. Your reputation, more than anything else is what will set you apart from any other counselor.

Your positive reputation will be because of the grace of God in your life, as the good LORD works with you according to the gifting He has given you and according to your desire and discipline to work out what He has given you. If you have the desire to counsel and the skill (God-gifting) to counsel, and you passionately seek to appropriate the grace of God in your life, then the LORD will more than likely build you a platform to care for many people.

Being certified does not help in that process. However, it is important that you have a wise, thorough, and competent program to come alongside you to assist you as you live out what I’ve written in the previous two paragraphs.

Why should I not take this program?

I try to talk people out of doing this program because it is not easy to do. Most folks who begin, do not finish. It’s not because it’s busy work or non-essential grunt work, and it’s not necessarily because it is beyond a person’s intellectual ability. The difficulty would be these three things:

  1. It requires discipline. If you are not skilled in time management or if you procrastinate, you probably won’t be able to do this course.
  2. It will mentally stretch you, especially when I challenge you to practically apply the Bible to everyday situations.
  3. You must be open to critique. It is an apprenticeship, where there is specific and customizable supervision, sculpted to your uniqueness.

I am not looking for just anybody to supervise. I’m looking for leaders. These are folks who have a distinct gift for disciple-making or what some in our Christian culture call Christian or biblical counseling. While I don’t want to run you away, I do want to be honest with you.

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  • http://biblicalchange.com caleb

    Does this training program qualify for ACBC certification?

  • http://www.RickThomas.Net/ Rick Thomas

    No, it does not. This is an independent study course that is equips a student to be able to counsel within their God-given abilities. It is not associated with any other program.

  • ebayjim

    If I have already ready some (or most) of the books will I need to re-read all of them cover-to-cover or simply re-acquaint myself with the material in each book?

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