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RM A simple guide on how to make a decision. About anything

Your checklist

  1. Have you read the entire Master Mind Distance Education information page?
  2. Have all of your questions been asked, and answered satisfactorily? (If not, please submit them through the form below.)
  3. Have you sought the counsel of at least one person you trust, and who will speak the truth to you about whether or not you should take this program.
  4. Are you “in faith” to proceed into your self-paced, long-distance, Master Mind training?

Helpful content for you to read

  1. Your Master Mind information page
  2. How to make a decision about anything

Do you understand why I am trying to talk you out of this program?

Most of the people who begin the program, do not finish it. This transformational program requires (1) personal discipline, (2) time management skill, (3) an unwavering passion to help people, (4) courageous grace for self-examination, (5) faith for the process, (6) detestation for procrastination, and (7) an ability to balance life on the go.

Our program is not a run on string of busy work or non-essential grunt work. People do not quit because it’s beyond their intellectual ability. If they do quit, it is usually because of one (or all) of the following elements:

It requires discipline: If you are not skilled in time management or if you procrastinate, you will not be able to do this program.

It will mentally stretch you: I will challenge you to practically apply the Bible to everyday situations. It is one thing to know and be awed by God’s omnipresence, but it’s a wholly other matter to know how to practically connect that sound doctrine to a person struggling with depression. These kinds of applications are without question the hardest part of the program.

You must be open to scrutiny: This is an apprenticeship, where there is specific and customized supervision that is sculpted to your uniqueness. My goal for you is not to teach you how to counsel others, but to teach you how to counsel yourself.

One Time Payment

Your Master Mind Training Program is $500.00–a one time payment for both the supervised and non-supervised tracks. It does not include your books or Drive-By-Marriage. It does include the course plan, webinars, case studies, and course miscellany. If you are taking the supervised track, you will start recurring at $100.00 per month at the end of 30 days, from the date of your purchase of the program.


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$100 Monthly Recurring

You will receive a reminder around day 25 after the start of your program. At the 30 day point you will need to come back to this page to begin your $100 recurring payment. This will run until the end of your program. (We will send you the link to this page.) This only applies to those who are taking the supervised track. And you may opt out of the program at any time.


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All monies paid for the Master Mind training is non-refundable.
If you have any lingering questions, please let us serve you by answering them. You can use the form below.
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