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Counseling Services

We receive requests every week for Christian counselors. If you are looking for a counselor or need to locate a counselor for someone, this page may help you. Due to Rick’s ongoing oversight of the ministry he does limited counseling. However, you can receive local or long distance counsel from our team.

Our team does counsel long distance through our WebEx technology service. WebEx provides video, audio, and whiteboard capabilities that allow us to counsel around the world. Distance is never a problem. If you’d like to receive counseling from our team, please fill out the info below and send your request to us.

Counseling and Consultations For. . .

  • Clients looking for counseling regarding situational difficulty
  • Counselors seeking advice about various issues
  • Pastors who need to work through church & marriage issues
  • Church Leaders looking for counseling or equipping advice
  • Business Community looking for counseling or team training
  • Entrepreneurs who want to start their own business

Counseling and Coaching Fees

  • Personal Counseling: 1st session $135 for 2 hours. All other 2 hour sessions are $95 for 2 hours
  • Local or Distance Coaching: 1st session $135 for 2 hours. All other 2 hour sessions are $95 for 2 hours

Ways to Get Counseling Services

Our office is in Greenville, SC, but if you live out of the region, we can do counseling via the phone and the Internet.

Getting Started

    1. Contact Rick below to let him know what you would like to talk about.
    2. Use our online payment gateway to pre-pay (see price above).
    3. Once we receive your payment, we will settle on a time that works with your schedule.
    4. Rick will gladly walk you through how to prepare for your meeting.

Our Team

Mark Grant 300x300 NS Mark Grant (Mullica Hill, NJ) was raised in Columbus, Ohio and obtained his B.S and M.S in Mechanical Engineering from the Ohio State University. During the day, he works for the Navy as a civilian engineer. With his own marriage healed from finding Christ, he has had a passion to help others apply the Gospel to everyday life. He was introduced to Biblical Counseling while attending a NANC conference 7 years ago. Mark recently completed Rick’s Distance Education program and serves his local church and other Christians in the area as a lay counselor. He is married to Lesa and they are the proud parents of a 13-year-old daughter. Mark serves in our Member Services department as our Forum Director as well as one of our counselors.
Sara LaPage 300x300 NS Sara LaPage (Greenville, SC) is originally from Seattle, Washington, but she spent most of her childhood in New England. She moved to the Greenville area to attend college and has been here ever since. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a master’s degree in Counseling at Bob Jones University. Sara has been certified in the counseling field. Sara taught for seven years before the birth of her first child in 2012. She’s excited to be home now with Adela and working as the 1st & 2nd Grade Area Coordinator at Fellowship Greenville. She is passionate about helping children to grow up to be discerning followers of Jesus Christ.

Other counselor Options

Though the counselors linked below are not associated with The Counseling Solutions Group Inc., you may find these options helpful to your needs. The Counseling Solutions Group bears no responsibility in finding a counselor for you or any results from your counseling experience. Some of these counselors do not charge for their counseling, while others do. You will need to inquire about the counselor’s polices and practices.

ACBC - The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors have counselors all over the United States. Click the hyperlink, type in a zip code near you, and you’re welcome to contact anyone on their list.

Ellen Castillo 300x300 NS Ellen Castillo is a certified Biblical counselor, certified through the International Association of Biblical Counselors. She has served for several years as a Biblical counselor in her local church and as the director of Word Of Hope Ministries. Word Of Hope Ministries offers Biblical counseling to women and their families both locally on the Central Coast of California and via Skype. She also provides a Biblical mentor training course (along with mentor support and resources) for women who would like to become equipped to offer deep discipleship to women and girls in their own local churches. Mentor training can be accessed both in person and online. To reach Ellen, please visit her websites at and
Julie Ganschow 300x300 NS Julie Ganschow (Kansas City, Missouri) has been counseling and discipling women for over a decade. She is certified with the National Association of Biblical Counselors (NANC) and the International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC) where she functions as a certification mentor for women desiring certification in the IABC.Julie blogs Biblical Counseling Coalition (BCC) and the Executive Director of Reigning Grace Counseling Center. She is available for distance counseling via Skype and other electronic media. You may contact her by calling 816-694-1677. You may follow Julie’s blog and website.

Membership Levels

If you are interested in ongoing coaching and training please click one of the links below. We offer individual and group levels with recurring billing to fit your lifestyle. Come and join our team.

membership-blocks_03 membership-blocks_05 membership-blocks_07 membership-blocks_09

How to get the most out of your counseling

When you make an appointment with The Counseling Solutions Group what do you receive in addition to the actual counseling session? What really is being asked is what all is involved in the process of change?

  • What will it take for you to breakthrough a lifetime of habituated thoughts and practices?
  • How can you be free?
  • How can you be at peace?

This is an important question to ask. We believe counseling is a good start toward the process of change, but we also believe counseling alone will not be effective to comprehensively help you.

Situational difficulty does not come to you quickly or all at once. It is typically the accumulative effect of many years of challenges. Therefore, it will take more than a season for a person to successfully work through the necessary changes in order to be at peace.

Realizing this, we have invested a lot of time, focus, and energy into a customer satisfying plan that is comprehensive and geared toward realistic and measurable change.

If I asked you to lose 100 pounds over the next few months you would envision major lifestyle changes coming your way. You would also expect the change process to involve more than two hours per week. There is no magic in weight lost. It takes work. In like fashion your spiritual well-being is similar to the physical challenges needed for effective change.

Someone once said if you continue doing the same things you have been doing then you can expect similar results. In that sense, your future can be predictable by looking at your past. The good news is if you determine to make radical changes in your thinking and behaviors you can then expect complete and satisfying lifestyle changes. This will require more than counseling.

We suggest our counselees become Members of our training site. It’s the most inexpensive and effective way for you to receive ongoing care. Though we don’t counsel on our Member’s site, you will be able to access a full library of Rick’s lifetime work. This “all you can eat” site is the perfect complement to your sanctification needs. You can learn more about joining our team by clicking here.

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