How does the ongoing sin of others impact our physical health- NL

How does the ongoing sin of others impact our physical health?

Have you ever wondered if a person's ongoing bad behavior toward you was negatively effecting you? Is it possible that the sinfulness of others can cause diminishing health problems for the ones in harm's way? The interplay between our physical and spiritual selves does not seem to get enough talk time within the Christian community. Specially how conflict between two people can lead to diminishing health. I have counseled a number of couples in which the wives have declining health problems that parallel the acrimonious relationships they have with their husbands. In nearly every case the husband is verbally abusive, by being demanding, Read
If you could only export one thing to your child, what would it be- NL

If you could only export one thing to your child, what would it be?

Scenario #1 - Let’s say your child is 27-years old and your parenting is finished. You’ve given your child your best advice, wisdom, training, example, and prayers. Let’s say your child can only have one takeaway from all your parenting. What would you want your child to retain? Scenario #2 - Let’s say your child is 3-years old and your parenting has just begun. You’re about to embark on one of the grandest journeys any person could possibly experience. Other than your relationship with Christ and your spouse, being a parent is your next best relational blessing. When your 3-year Read
There are only 4 problems in life. Our job- Solve them. NL

There are only 4 problems in life. Our job? Solve them.

Did you know that there are only four problems in life? What about this: Did you know they have to be solved in the right sequential order? Both true, but before we get to that, let me tell you a story. Eric was your typical high school senior. He couldn’t wait to graduate, so he could start college. The most pressing question during his senior year was, “Where are you going to college?” This one question was asked several different ways: What are you going to do with your life? What do you want to be after high school? What degree program are Read
Why I want to be imperfect for the glory of God NL

Why I want to be imperfect for the glory of God

Member Question - I’m working with a couple where the husband is focused on doing everything to the utmost excellence as a way to glorify God. He is particular in how he thinks things should be done and why it would be better and more glorifying to God. How can I help him to see that things don't need to be "perfect" for God to be glorified, or for true discipleship to happen? I’m not sure you will be able to help him to see what he needs to see, but you can try. If it were me, I would Read
When Christianity disappoints you NL

When Christianity disappoints you: remembering the death of my brother

Joey became a Christian as an adult. He was 34-years old. Christianity was a stark contrast from his upbringing. It was fresh, clean, loving, and hope-filled. Each time the church doors were opened he was there. Whenever there was an event, he was part of it. When he read his Bible, it was as though it was reading him (James 1:23). His life began to make sense. He was soon baptized, began singing in the choir, and doing whatever he could for the church. Whenever there was a need, he was “Johnny on the spot.” The first couple years went well. He Read
Is it okay to get drunk--only just a little bit- NL

Is it okay to get drunk–only just a little bit?

Member Question - A young Christian man asked if unintentionally slipping into drunkenness is a sin. He understands being a drunkard is a sin. He is asking where is the Scriptural support declaring occasional drunkenness as a sin. He does not believe it is. Bonus Material - Episode 16 - "How do I lead my church to change their views on alcohol?" - Pastor Questions like these are framed the wrong way. When someone asks what he can get away with, rather than how he can be cautious, then you will typically find that his problems are deeper than whether Read
A missional approach to carry the Gospel into all the “cyber” world NL

A world view for carrying the Gospel into all the “cyber” world

The cyber world is a big place. It nearly reaches every person on the planet, which is every person with access to the Internet. We live in a phenomenal age. The gift of the Internet for the Christian has opened an effectual door that was not imagined centuries ago. The development of the web world has provided Christians with even greater opportunities to share the good news of Christ. In traditional missional approaches, where a missionary goes to a foreign soil to share the good news, the missionary takes an almost exclusive active approach in presenting Christ to his/her audience. The Read
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