The orientation of your home follow the leader NS

The orientation of your home: follow the leader

Jay is passionate for God. Jenny, Jay's wife, is joyfully following Jay. Jeremy, James, and Jacob, the children, are humbly submitting to their parents. Jack and Jill, the dog and the cat, are fat, dumb, and happy. There you have it. One big happy family. That is how things ought to be. The orientation of a God-centered home should look like that. So, let us self-evaluate: what does your home look like? Start with the husband Husband, your agenda is straightforward. It is to follow hot after God. God should be your passion, your goal, and your life. If you Read
When looking for pornography…begin in the heart NS

Al Buscar la Pornografía…Comience En El Corazón

¿Dónde buscar para localizar el problema principal con la pornografía? ¿En nuestra cultura? ¿Siente la tentación de reaccionar inicialmente a la realidad sensual de nuestra cultura? ¡Usted debe reaccionar! ¡Usted debe preocuparse! Pero cuando usted abordar el problema de la pornografía, ¿Esta usted más propenso a comenzar el diálogo con los temas frecuentes, dominantes, culturales y de la falta de modestia? Pero reconozco que deben ser parte de la discusión. Sin duda, es correcto encaminar a nuestras esposas e hijas a través de la forma de vestir con modestia. Es una buena idea enseñarles cómo ayudar a proteger el corazón Read
How can I trust God when He does not act the way I think He should NS

How can I trust God when He does not act the way I think He should?

Reality Each of us will lose everyone and everything. Except for Christ, there is nothing we will gain that we will not lose. From a Christian world view perspective, this news does not have to be spiritually debilitating. Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, in order that I may gain Christ. - Philippians 3:8 (ESV) The loss of all things normally evolves incrementally throughout our lives, until the very end when we lose Read
Do you really want to know what God is thinking NS

Do you really want to know what God is thinking?

There are times when God can seem distant and seemingly disinterested about what is happening in our lives. On the ground level we feel all alone. We are muttering and sputtering through life, while God is off fighting battles that seem more important to Him than tending to our business. And at noon Elijah mocked them, saying, “Cry aloud, for he is a god. Either he is musing, or he is relieving himself, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and must be awakened.” – 1 Kings 18:27 (ESV) Does God care about me? Is He Read
Too much truth can keep you from the truth NS

Too much truth can keep you from the truth

One of the more interesting observations I have made from years of counseling is how little I teach people about the truth of God's Word versus how much time I spend helping them to apply the truth of God's Word. What is most interesting about this observation is that many of these counselees have spent a large part of their lives in biblical studies and theological training venues. Some of them would be considered lifetime Sunday school attenders or men's and women's groups advocates. While I am not saying any of these meetings are wrong and this is not a Read
The Ray Rice knockout punch was a fair fight NS

Was the Ray Rice knockout punch a fair fight?

I am confused. For the past forty-five years women have been making a case for equality. And they have not been subtle by berating any person who treats a woman differently from a man. This is why I am confused. If Ray Rice was in an elevator duking it out with another man, we probably would have thought he had anger issues or maybe he was defending himself because he was provoked. People would have looked at the video, made a few snarky remarks, tossed in some denigrating racial comments, and moved on to the next thing circulating around the Read
Who pays for your wife's sins NS

¿Quién Paga por el Pecado de Su Cónyuge?

Los cristianos entienden el punto del Evangelio: Cristo pagó por nuestros pecados. La profundidad del Evangelio se resume en esas cinco palabras. Cuando Adán escogió alejarse de Dios en el jardín por creer una mentira, Dios instituyó un plan para redimir a Adán y a su raza caída. Con el fin de hacer que hubiese un pago por el pecado. El pecado no podía quedar impune. Incluso el mundo lo entiende. Cuando hubo una masacre horrible en Arizona, donde seis personas fueron asesinadas sin piedad, el Presidente Obama hizo un apasionado discurso sobre la forma en que estos asesinatos no Read
You must have faith to fly a plane in a building NS

You must have faith to fly a plane into a building

You must have faith to get angry. You must have faith to look at porn. You must have faith to commit adultery. You must have faith to do any sin. Paul said it this way, For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin (Romans 14:23). Now, before your biblically trained mind blows a gasket, let me explain. Obviously, Paul was not thinking about anger, porn, adultery, or flying planes into buildings. He was actually discussing secondary issues like eating meat, drinking wine, and celebrating certain days. He concluded his remarks at the end of the chapter, which is the Read
When you are beyond your ability, God has you right where He wants you NS

Unsere Unfähigkeit und Gottes Gnade

Wusstest du, dass Gott dich in Situationen stellt, in denen du versagen wirst? Dies ist einer der Wege, über die Er dir Seine Liebe beweisen will. Enttäuschungen und Entmutigungen geben uns die Chance, Seine Kraft und Liebe zu erfahren (vgl. 2Kor 4,7). Shanna, eine gute Bekannte von mir, gehörte zu den Menschen, die sehr entmutigt und enttäuscht sind. Sie war eine völlig überarbeitete, stark überbelastete und überforderte alleinstehende Mutter. Sie lebte in einer Welt, in der es kein „Genug“ gab. Sie versuchte sich selbst immer zu steigern, weil sie in einer Kultur aufwuchs, in der eine Frau wie sie unabhängig Read
Two essentials if you want to be changed_ honesty and transparency NS

Two essentials if you want to be changed: honesty and transparency

The counseling office is a place where lies are told. Can you believe it? I am telling the truth. Bill and Mary were driving to their counseling session strategizing on what they were going to say to me. The drive was more like a bartering session. Bill was appealing to Mary to not tell about the night of December 14. Mary was threatening to tell if he would not commit to at least five counseling sessions. Bill had already planned to keep his mouth shut, so he committed to the five sessions. Ben and Ashley were barterers too. This time Read
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