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The sanctification of your spouse should not be the most important thing to you. Likewise for your children. Getting your children saved is a secondary matter, which begs the question, “What is the most important thing to you?” It is imperative we are clear on the most important thing in our lives because that is [. . .] Read More

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We love winners. Go! Fight! Win! Winners never lose and losers never win. We play the game to win the game. I’ve noticed from nearly two decades of counseling how many Christians have taken up a winner’s ideology and have incorporated winning at all costs into their marriages. I got to thinking that since winning [. . .] Read More

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What would you rather have if you only had one choice: a change of circumstances or a change of mind about your circumstances? This is a critical question that is directly tied to the quality of life you will experience with God and others. I suspect most of us would prefer a change of circumstances over [. . .] Read More

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Written by Kelley Tysinger Think with me for a moment. What characterizes your greatest desires in life? Perhaps you long for love, friendship, scholastic achievement, sports success, or a flourishing career. Maybe a family, good health, wealth, and successful children. Maybe your greatest desire is to live for the Lord, but if we’re honest, I don’t think [. . .] Read More

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One of the hardest things for a teenager to accept is the unfairness of life. Occasionally you’ll hear a teen say, “It’s not fair” when talking about a disappointing experience. I generally have two thoughts when I hear this: I’m sad this has happened to you. Unfairness is part of life. Many of the teens [. . .] Read More

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Nobody loved people more than Jesus. Nobody was less controlled by people than Jesus. He found and lived in the perfect relational sweet spot of, “I love you, but I will not be controlled by you.” The most effective parents, pastors, small group leaders, and other caregivers are those who can love well, while not [. . .] Read More

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There are several universal or common problems in which we all struggle. One of the most common problems is what the Bible calls fear of man. This biblical term is typically more recognizable by such labels as… Shyness Insecurity Codependency Peer Pressure Avoidance of others Fear of failure Having to be in control Wrongly competitive Given to [. . .] Read More

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One of the wife’s primary responsibilities in her marriage is to counsel her husband. She is the number one sanctifying-agent in her husband’s life. Nobody knows more about her husband than she does. In order to disciple any person well you must know them well. Who knows your husband better than you do? You have [. . .] Read More

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In the counseling world there is a lot made of a person’s past. This can be a good thing. Our past is important because God was in our past. (cf. Jeremiah 1:5; Ephesians 1:3-11). The LORD does not show up in our lives at the point of salvation. Omniscient and omnipresent God has always been [. . .] Read More

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When things get tough and you need a friend, who do you call? Who is the person you rely upon the most? I’m asking you where you normally place your confidence. When trials come, difficulties are in front of you, and ongoing desires are unmet, who can you rely upon to make things happen? For [. . .] Read More

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