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The Storm Hurler

Posted on September 9, 2012 in Articles, Sermon Notes under by

What do you think about when a storm comes into your life? When things are really bad for you, how do you think about the bad things? Where does your mind go? This chapter deals with those questions.

I suppose most of us are tempted to focus more on the storm–the trouble–than the God of the storm. Let’s face it; the storm is more real and nearer to us than the Creator of storms. The storm also seems more manageable than the God of the universe.

Logic would say, “I have a better shot at fixing the storm than bending God toward my desires.” The reasoning goes like this: “If I have a chance at managing my situation, it will be through my self-reliant efforts because who knows if God will cooperate with my desires? He may not want what I want, the way I want it.”

I recently counseled a lady in a bad marriage. She lives in another state.[1] She has been in a bad marriage for nearly three decades. Her thoughts were predominately on how she had messed up and how her husband needed to change. I think that is normal for people in bad marriages.

Why not hope and pray your marriage partner will change. It is a good prayer, no doubt. If he/she does change, you’ll get what you want and be happy. What’s missing in this line of reasoning is what God might want for both the husband and wife.

The Lord of all storms

While it is wise to make sober assessments of how you may need to change or how your spouse needs to change, the more important thing to think about and have your mind steadied by is the Lord who is really in charge of the storm.

If God is not your starting and staying point you will most assuredly go off course when the storm comes into your life. This kind of thinking is essential if you want to endure your storms. While I affirmed my friend for carefully reviewing her sin and how she needs to change, I appealed to her to think more about her heavenly Father and what He might be up to in her storm.

It was hard for her to think how God might be in her bad marriage. He seemed to be a distant Influencer at best. She seemed to believe her decision to marry and all the

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  1. [1] I do long distance counseling.
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