Watching my daughter die NS

Watching my daughter die

Watching my daughter die NS

For the past two years, my family has been pursuing an adoption. In December of 2013, we finally brought home our first China Doll, Kya. My husband (Carlton) and I knew adoption would be tough, but we were not prepared for the roller coaster ride God had planned for us.[2]

The LORD saw fit to only let us have Kya in our lives for less than six months, where most of the time was spent in the hospital. What follows are a few thoughts from a grieving mother as I watched our daughter pass from this life into eternity with Jesus.

Some of you had the privilege of meeting Kya. Some of you only knew her through the updates and pictures. Many of you have held us up during a difficult six months and we are truly blessed and thankful to God for His amazing love shown to us through you.

Going home

The Monday of her passing was a tough day that was filled with a lot of tears and emotions. The hospital arranged for pictures to be taken with all of us, which was so sweet. (I cannot wait to see them.)

Colton (son) was taking all of this hard because he learned Sunday night Kya was going to die. He was having a tough time smiling in theThe Keen family pictures with her, but he wanted to do it.

Jackson (son) also knew Kya was dying. He kept talking about Jesus giving her a new heart. He was all about climbing onto her bed to take pictures and he loved the beautiful butterfly cutout the nurse made to cover up her feeding tube.

Grantham (son) was not sure what was going on, but he did not want to climb on the bed with Kya for fear she was playing possum and might take a whack at him for old times sake.

After family pictures, the boys were taken down the hall where they worked on making scrapbooks to hold their pictures. At that point, Carlton and I were able to take her from the bed to hold, snuggle, and rock. Her little body was burning up with fever from

  1. [2] You can read more of our adoption story by clicking Prayers4Kya. Read
Four reasons to praise God for your imperfections NS

Four reasons to praise God for your imperfections

Statistically speaking…

  • I will always labor under a predetermined ceiling of intelligence.
  • We are all going to become old if we live long enough.
  • None of us will be sinlessly perfected in this life.
  • Everyone is a hypocrite to some degree.
  • Most people will not make it to heaven.
  • Jesus died on a cross.
  • Our beloved Paul could not rid himself of his thorn in the flesh.
  • If you drop your cone of ice cream, it may land upside down.
  • My goal is not to rain on anyone’s parade,...

    If your friend is not changing, consider this NS

    If your friend is not changing, consider this

    Ryan was living in a secret sin. Ryan is a Christian. Ryan did not tell anyone about his secret sin for many months and the longer he held on to his sin, the more frustrated, distant, and hardened he became.

    Eventually he was found out, which was a mercy from the LORD because Ryan had no intentions of telling anyone about what he was doing. He is a modern day David, in the sense of keeping sins secret.

    For when I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long. For day and night your hand was heavy upon...

    Let’s free associate What kind of person do you not like NS

    Let’s free associate: What kind of person do you not like?

    Roll through the Rolodex in your mind, identifying the kind of person or people you do not like? Who is the hardest kind of person for you to love? Who disappoints you most often?[1] Poor people Gay people Black people Other non-white people Rich people Democrats Non-Christians People who sin differently from you Dumb people Arrogant people Overweight people God (yes, Him...

    I had breakfast with a prostitute NS

    I had breakfast with a prostitute

    I was sitting in the back of a diner with some friends in Queens, NY in 1989. As I looked to the front of the diner I saw an emaciated woman, who appeared to be reading a pamphlet that we were handing out on the streets. Thinking more about my belly than her soul, I momentarily argued with the LORD about the wisdom in missing a meal to talk to a stranger.

    After relenting I went to the front of the diner and introduced myself to this woman. Her name was Pat Martinez. We chatted briefly and then I asked her if I could sit with her. She said she had nowhere to go, so it...

    I dated a lesbian NS

    I dated a lesbian

    A long time ago I worked a third shift, dead end job. I was grateful to have the job, but it was a difficult place to work. There were about thirty employees, three of whom were practicing lesbians.

    One of the lesbians was my enemy, not because she was a lesbian, but because she was an angry woman, who seemingly hated everyone. Another of the lesbians was medicated, mostly incoherent, and insecure. The third lesbian was social, easy to like, and fun to engage.

    I immediately struck up a relationship with her. My goal was to get to know her so I could spend more time with ...

    There is a blessing to be found in an unconcerned wife NS

    There is a blessing to be found in an unconcerned wife

    Does your wife show concern about what you do? Does she check up on you? Is she mostly aware or unaware of your thoughts and activities? Which of the three categories below best describe your wife’s attention to the details of your life?

  • Negative – She has to know what you are doing and is quick to show her displeasure.
  • Neutral – She shows little concern about what you do, whether you are doing good or bad.
  • Positive – She is aware of what you do, good and bad, and regularly encourages you.
  • Perhaps you...

    The gay guys said, I was born this way. NS

    The gay guy said, “I was born this way.”

    Homosexuality is one of the more sensitive issues where we Christians should guard our attitudes regarding how we respond. This was Paul’s call to us as well:

    Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted. – Galatians 6:1 (ESV)

    Paul was asking us to watch ourselves when interacting with those who are caught in sin. His point is obvious: if you do not watch yourself, you will be tempted to sin in...

    When the local church won't help you NS

    When the local church won’t help you

    Member Question – I have a question about Church discipline or more appropriately about how you handle a lack of church discipline or involvement from the church when trying to counsel someone.

    Though I don’t have a current situation, it appears to me that helping should involve the counsel, instruction, and in some cases, the discipline of the church to rightly restore a brother or sister to Christ.

    What if this is not happening? Is there still a way to help...

    Mind Mapping how to change from the inside out NS

    Mind Mapping how to change from the inside out

    Do you keep doing the same sin over and over again? Have you found your spiritual growth stagnating (1 Thessalonians 5:19) because of a recurring bondage to a specific sin pattern? Has behavioral modification fallen short of the true life change you desire?

    The most effective soul care happens when our inner person is competently and completely addressed. Sanctification is not accomplished by behavioral change or even with better theology, but as we are internally transformed to Christlikeness (Romans 8:29).

    Inner change does not come easy. It can...

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