The movie -Unbroken- has a missing piece NL

The movie “Unbroken” has a missing piece

Universal Pictures released the Unbroken film, based on the late Louis Zamperini, on DVD and Blu-ray March 24, 2015. Directed by Angelina Jolie-Pitt, the film is an adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand’s book, Unbroken: A World War 2 Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption.

To the world, he was an Olympic champion, war hero, and survivor of unbelievable horrors. To the faith-based community, he was a humble servant and an example of...

Too much skin, girl. Too much skin. A talk on modesty NL

Too much skin, girl. Too much skin. A talk on modesty

While summer is an appreciated and welcomed relief from the blistering cold of winter, it does bring with it a different kind of difficulty. Specifically, the summer season draws attention to our universal struggle with sexual sin.

We live in a highly sexualized culture that acts as though it cannot get enough of the provocative. Pornography is without question the sexual leader when it comes to capturing the hearts and minds of our global culture.

Porn is the most lucrative and largest industry on the Internet, and it’s the...

The angry dad NL

The angry dad

Few things will send a child scurrying down the black hole of dysfunction like the angry dad. An angry dad in the home is the metaphorical equivalent of rolling a child’s heart through a mine field.

The angry dad forces the child to live between two worlds: (1) strive to be perfect for his dad or (2) receive the exasperating disapproval of his dad. The accumulative effect of this kind of tension is hard to overcome.

In fact, most children never completely overcome it. I have counseled many “50-year old” children who are still trying to please their fathers, even...

Should we use sub-biblical language

Should we use non-Bible language?

Occasionally someone will ask me about the appropriateness of using extra-biblical language to describe the human condition.

What they are stating by their question is that there are words in our Christian language that are not found in the Bible or there are words in the Bible that are used in ways that the Bible did not originally intend.

Their question centers on whether or not it is okay to use extra-biblical, sub-biblical, or biblically altered words.

Biblical rigor and theological precision are essential for every Christian, whether we are defending...

A note to those who are angry with God for the life they have NL

A note to those who are angry with God for the life they have

I was born in the home of sinful parents. I had no choice. The LORD did not ask for my parenting preferences. He gave me a set of parents to bring me into the world. Thus, I arrived.

Reflecting back, it really did not matter where I was born or who my parents were because all parents are the same in that they are corrupted, totally depraved sinners in need of the transformative Gospel (Romans 3:10-12, 23; John 3:7, 15:5). If there happens to be any difference between our parents, it may be the intrinsic nature...

Should every believer be doing the same ministry- NS (1)

Should every believer be doing the same ministry?

Over the years, I have shared with churches, with friends, and with strangers, God’s heart for men and women in unplanned pregnancies, the unborn child growing in the womb, and those dealing with past abortions.

As I have done so, many people have expressed to me their desire to do more in pro-life ministry but, apologetically, even ashamedly, have confessed they are restrained by the time and effort they’ve committed to other good works and ministries.

These “confessions” and “apologies” lead me to the two questions I wish to tackle...

How can I get guys to lust after me- NS

How can I get guys to lust after me?

A letter from Ally

Hi, my name is Ally, and I’m 22-years old. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted guys to like me. It makes me feel good to catch the eye of a guy. I realize men are generally weak this way, but it gives me an adrenaline rush to be able to manipulate them with my looks.

Honestly, I don’t want to sleep with any of them, or even date them. Okay, maybe I would sleep with a few of them, but it’s mostly about getting their attention. It’s kinda dramatic to catch them watching me. Plus...

The dangerous doctrine of grace and how it misguides Christians NS

The dangerous doctrine of grace and how it misguides Christians

Today is my daughter’s ninth birthday. We bought her a gift. She carefully opened the gift, looked at it, and thanked us for buying her the gift. Then she pushed the gift aside, and from that point forward she spent the next two hours thanking us for the time and money we invested into the process of buying her the gift.

On four other occasions throughout the day she brought up how much it must have cost (Isaiah 53:10), and how we had to set aside our time in order to find the perfect gift (Philippians...

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