You can rest if you work at it. Do you work to rest NS

You can rest if you work at it. Do you work to rest?

You can rest if you work at it. Do you work to rest NS

Key Takeaway – To live a life that is honoring to God requires a person to rest well. To rest well is to live well. Rest is as necessary as work if you want a satisfied life. It is so important, that our work will be diminished without a sound theology and practice of rest.

Rest is not something that is separate from doing, doing, doing. It is an integral part of what it means to work well. You cannot work well if you do not rest well and you cannot rest well if you do not work well.

If you work without rest, you will burnout. If you rest without work you will become slothful. To work and rest well makes a person complete. It is a beautiful dichotomy of wholeness—two components of the satisfied life.

Work hard – Play hard

In the auto industry it is generally understood you do not buy a car that was built on a Monday or a Friday. Why? A car built on Monday, as the theory goes, was built by people who were recovering from their weekend. A car built on Friday was built by people who mentally checked out, while looking forward to the weekend.

Our culture’s view of rest can be summed up in the term, “living for the weekend” where the average worker works hard during the week and plays hard on the weekend.

The end result is a lack of enjoyment of work and rest because of a misunderstanding of the inter-relatedness and co-dependency of the two. The effect on the soul of this kind of person is incremental discontentment, which motivates him to try harder to be fulfilled–a pursuit that will never satisfy, though he may go to inexhaustible lengths to fill the God-shaped void in his life.

This weekend theology of rest is the theology of hedonism. In their view, work becomes the necessary evil that finances self-seeking pleasure. Work is the means to the end rather than a component part of a world view that should be bent to enjoy and glorify God in all things (Matthew 6:33; 1 Corinthians 10:31).

This work hard/play hard hermeneutic is a disjointed view of life that spawns perpetual dysfunction. There is ingrown-ness to this kind of thinking that uses people,...

The most effective kind of parenting flows out of good marriages NS

The most effective kind of parenting flows out of good marriages

Every counselor knows when a parent brings a rebellious teenager in for counseling, there will be a need at some point in the process to talk about the condition of the parent’s marriage. From a practical wisdom perspective, the most effective kind of parenting a child can receive comes from marriages that are biblically sound and God-centered.

The Bible is not a parenting book, which is why it gives so little parenting advice. It is a relationship book. Rather than providing us with parenting tips, it gives us a plethora of...

Who controls your life and what have you become NS

Who controls your life and what have you become?

Two bold and sobering truths: (1) Everyone is going to hell and (2) the LORD has setup the agency of humankind to let the whole world know there is another option.[1]

  • Do you believe in the exclusivity (Jesus is the only way to heaven) of the Christian message (John 14:6)?
  • If you do, then how are you cooperating with the LORD in letting the world know about this option (Romans 10:13-14)?
  • In the...

    Radical marriage conflict resolution tip NS

    Radical marriage conflict resolution tip

    A few years ago I was counseling a couple who were angry with each other. Imagine that. There was a low-grade anger running underneath the surface of their lives that would spike every few weeks into full-blown arguments.

    During our counseling I asked the wife what was wrong with the marriage. Without hesitation or skipping beat, she gave me a long, clear, and detailed list of all the things that were wrong with her husband. Amazing.

    There was no question about it: he was a failure.

    Because I like to play fair, I then turned to the husband and asked ...

    Ten questions to examine the real you NS

    Ten questions to examine the real you

    Most people come to counseling looking for behavioral change. There are things that are wrong in their personal or relational lives and they would like to see those things changed.

    The counselor and the counselee are in agreement–they both hope to see effectual, measurable, and observable change in the person’s life. Though their end goal may be similar, their understanding and methods for accomplishing the end result are almost always different.

    It is rare for a counselee to see the importance of working deeper than the surface of their lives....

    Why it is easier to lie than to tell the truth NS

    Why it is easier to lie than to tell the truth

    Most Christians are Christianized enough to not tell big bold lies. We know better. It is morally wrong to not tell the truth. To willfully alter the truth to something that is not the truth should not be part of any Christian’s game.

    The difference between truth-telling and lying is easy to discern. If the sky is blue, we say the sky is blue. Only a fool would try to convince a person the sky is brown, when it is not.

    Then one may ask, “Should we rightfully assume Christians do not...

    Watching my daughter die NS

    Watching my daughter die

    For the past two years, my family has been pursuing an adoption. In December of 2013, we finally brought home our first China Doll, Kya. My husband (Carlton) and I knew adoption would be tough, but we were not prepared for the roller coaster ride God had planned for us.[1]

    The LORD saw fit to only let us have Kya in our lives for less than six months, where most of the time was spent in the hospital. What follows are a few thoughts from a grieving mother as I watched our daughter...

    Four reasons to praise God for your imperfections NS

    Four reasons to praise God for your imperfections

    Statistically speaking…

  • I will always labor under a predetermined ceiling of intelligence.
  • We are all going to become old if we live long enough.
  • None of us will be sinlessly perfected in this life.
  • Everyone is a hypocrite to some degree.
  • Most people will not make it to heaven.
  • Jesus died on a cross.
  • Our beloved Paul could not rid himself of his thorn in the flesh.
  • If you drop your cone of ice cream, it may land upside down.
  • My goal is not to rain on anyone’s parade,...

    If your friend is not changing, consider this NS

    If your friend is not changing, consider this

    Ryan was living in a secret sin. Ryan is a Christian. Ryan did not tell anyone about his secret sin for many months and the longer he held on to his sin, the more frustrated, distant, and hardened he became.

    Eventually he was found out, which was a mercy from the LORD because Ryan had no intentions of telling anyone about what he was doing. He is a modern day David, in the sense of keeping sins secret.

    For when I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long. For day and night your hand was heavy upon...

    Let’s free associate What kind of person do you not like NS

    Let’s free associate: What kind of person do you not like?

    Roll through the Rolodex in your mind, identifying the kind of person or people you do not like? Who is the hardest kind of person for you to love? Who disappoints you most often?[1] Poor people Gay people Black people Other non-white people Rich people Democrats Non-Christians People who sin differently from you Dumb people Arrogant people Overweight people God (yes, Him...

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