My child is gay, lesbian, transsexual, transgendered. Help me. NS

My child is gay, lesbian, transsexual, transgendered. Help me.

My child is gay, lesbian, transsexual, transgendered. Help me. NS

Everybody is a little bit uncomfortable in their own skin. Since Adam fell in the garden, we have all experienced a weird kind of awkwardness of the soul. People born in sin cannot feel any other way.

This is also why there is so much hope in the Gospel. The LORD knew our struggles so He gave us the solution for our problem (John 3:16). But connecting to Christ and being transformed by Christ is not an easy process.

Think of sin like a dirty drop you put in a clear bottle of water and it discolors the entire contents of the bottle. This is a picture of how sin makes us totally depraved.

Sin comes into our system, so to speak, at conception and totally defiles every ounce of us—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We are completely corrupt. There is not a microscopic part of us that has not been affected by sin.

Each person gets a drop. There are no exceptions for people born in Adam, and to complicate matters, each person is impacted differently. This is one of the mysteries of sin.

After you mix in the shaping influences of sinful parents and a sinful culture, you will not know what you will have in a child until he/she is fully grown.

Then you throw in religion, which can be heretical, nominal, authentic, or a combination of the three. All of these things can send a person reeling for years, to where he or she is never able to gain a sound-biblical-religious-normalcy. This is every person’s battle.

Sexual twisted-ness

For some, the twisted-ness of sin has to do with sexuality. Whether it is inherent from Adam or through other shaping influences, certain people struggle with gender related issues. This does not make them weird. They are normal—in the sense that we all struggle with many sinful things.

I do not look down on LGBT people because I have my own version of twisted-ness. It would be intellectually dishonest and biblically out-of-bounds to think my sin is a better or more acceptable strain of the devil’s evil poison. Which is worse:

  • A man lusting after a woman?
  • A man lusting after a man?
  • A man lusting to be a woman?
  • Or a woman desiring any of these things?[2]It is true sin can be different from a consequential perspective, but not
    1. [2] Read
Imagine being married to Joni NS

Imagínese Estar Casado con Joni

Hace unos años tuve el privilegio de conocer a Joni. Fue uno de esos momentos que nunca olvidas. Era uno de esos momentos que nunca quieres olvidar.

¿Sabes lo que son esos momentos, ¿verdad?

Esos son los momentos que recuerdas dónde estabas y qué estabas haciendo, pensando y sintiendo. Me imagino que todos tenemos ese momento cuando pensamos en 9 / 11. Supongo que cuando escribí 9/11todos ustedes, que tenían edad suficiente para recordar, había una reflexión colectiva de vuelta a 2001.

Reunirme con Joni...

Does your behavior push others toward Christ NS

Does your behavior push others toward Christ? …or not?

After I wrote Does your husband know you are for him?, I received quite a few comments and questions from my readers. One of the questions sent was in regards to question sixteen at the end of the piece:

Has your behavior assisted in pushing your spouse toward other people or other things? If so, how so?

A friend printed the article and took it to heart. When she came to question...

Twilight a book review NS

Twilight – a book review

Ah, Twilight. What can I say that other reviews have not? The first thing I’ll make clear is that I’m not going to vie with the reviews that find creative new ways to snark about the book’s weaknesses.

Oh, there are plenty of them, and a book like Twilight just begs to be made fun of. But snark is so done already. I’ll divide my review into three sections:

  • The little things that bothered me.
  • The elements that are more deeply disturbing.
  • The things I did manage to enjoy.
  • Little things

    For the little...

    When I kept silent about my sin, this is what happened NS

    When I kept silent about my sin, this is what happened

    Are you more concerned about what God thinks about your sin or what others may think about your sin? This is the pivotal question (and how you respond to it) that can literally determine the quality of your future life.

    The way you can determine the answer to what really controls your heart is by measuring your willingness (or unwillingness) to share your sin with others.

    I did not say you had to share your sin broadly; I said your willingness (or unwillingness) to share the true condition of your life with others will determine who or what has...

    Teen Life Lesson Five_ Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity NS

    Teen Life Lesson Five: Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity

    Dear Teen,

    Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping: they called it opportunity. As odd as it may seem, some of our greatest blessings are hidden from human wisdom (1 Corinthians 1:25).

  • Could it be what you are going through is an opportunity for you to mature?
  • Could it be God has allowed certain circumstances to come into your life because He loves you and wants to get your attention, for the purpose of redirecting your life?
  • Read

    Teen Life Lesson Four_ Wait until you get a boss NS

    Teen Life Lesson Four: Tough parents? Wait until you get a boss

    Dear Teen,

    If you think your parents (or your teachers) are tough, wait until you get a boss, a husband, or a wife. Somehow I had it in my head how things would be different when I became an adult and struck out on my own–doing my thing without the hindrances of parents.

    The reason I had this in my head was because I thought my problems were primarily because of my parents. As I entered the workforce I began to realize I was having similar problems with other authority figures.


    Different day.

    Same drama.


    Does your husband know you are for him NS

    Does your spouse know you are for him/her?

    Husbands are fragile people. We have sensitive egos. We may come across as strong and indifferent, but that is our presentation, not our reality. We are actually quite needy.

    I wonder if wives know this.

    Do you know this?

    I am going to break the code of men and reveal the secret handshake. God did say He was going to make a woman for the man because it was not good for him to be alone (Genesis 2:18).

    There is a definite implication about the neediness of the man in the...

    How to motivate church people to volunteer more for their church NS

    How to motivate church people to volunteer at their church

    Volunteering to serve for the local church and within the local community is at the heart of the Gospel. Jesus best capsulated the idea of how the Gospel connects to serving when He said,

    For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. – Mark 10:45 (ESV)

    Paul said it this way:

    Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his...

    Three keys to help you look beyond your suffering NS

    Three keys to help you look beyond your suffering

    Does anyone really love God for God Himself or do we love God for what we can receive from Him? Do I have a faith that is larger than my own self-interests?

    This was the accusation of the devil to the LORD about Job. There is something very real about this kind of accusation because it resonates in our own hearts. We love the LORD, but we are not so self-deceived to discount our self-loyalty.

    Why do you serve the LORD?

    I know part of the answer is because divine Sovereignty imposed...

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