If you could only export one thing to your child, what would it be- NL

If you could only export one thing to your child, what would it be?

Scenario #1 - Let’s say your child is 27-years old and your parenting is finished. You’ve given your child your best advice, wisdom, training, example, and prayers. Let’s say your child can only have one takeaway from all your parenting. What would you want your child to retain?

Scenario #2 - Let’s say your child is 3-years old and your parenting has just begun. You’re about to embark on one of the grandest journeys any person could possibly experience. Other than your relationship with Christ and your spouse, being a parent is...

There are only 4 problems in life. Our job- Solve them. NL

There are only 4 problems in life. Our job? Solve them.

Did you know that there are only four problems in life? What about this: Did you know they have to be solved in the right sequential order? Both true, but before we get to that, let me tell you a story.

Eric was your typical high school senior. He couldn’t wait to graduate, so he could start college. The most pressing question during his senior year was, “Where are you going to college?” This one question was asked several different ways:

  • What are you going to do with your life?
  • What do you want to be after high...

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    When Christianity disappoints you NL

    When Christianity disappoints you: remembering the death of my brother

    Joey became a Christian as an adult. He was 34-years old. Christianity was a stark contrast from his upbringing. It was fresh, clean, loving, and hope-filled. Each time the church doors were opened he was there. Whenever there was an event, he was part of it.

    When he read his Bible, it was as though it was reading him (James 1:23). His life began to make sense. He was soon baptized, began singing in the choir, and doing whatever he could for the church. Whenever there was a need, he was “Johnny on the spot.”

    The first couple years went well. He Read

    A missional approach to carry the Gospel into all the “cyber” world NL

    A world view for carrying the Gospel into all the “cyber” world

    The cyber world is a big place. It nearly reaches every person on the planet, which is every person with access to the Internet. We live in a phenomenal age.

    The gift of the Internet for the Christian has opened an effectual door that was not imagined centuries ago. The development of the web world has provided Christians with even greater opportunities to share the good news of Christ.

    In traditional missional approaches, where a missionary goes to a foreign soil to share the good...

    There may not be a more atheistic act than redefining words NL

    There may not be a more atheistic act than redefining words

    When you change the meaning of a word, you change the meaning of the world. – Ravi Zacharias, Cultural Relativism and the Emasculation of Truth

    In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, there is a scene where Juliet proclaims “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” This may be true. If a rose was called a dandelion, the flower itself would still be the same. We would just know it by a different name.

    You don’t change anything about a rose by changing...

    Three Mind Maps to move you from despair to joy NL

    Three mind maps to move you from despair to joy

    In my last article I discussed how a proper understanding of our flesh-Spirit conflict and our new identity in Christ is necessary to maintain a joyful perseverance in life.

    In this article, I will address how these truths ministered to Mary–the fictional single mom briefly mentioned at the beginning of my last piece.

    Mary was regenerated by Christ five years ago,...

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